What to expect in this course


Hello and welcome, fellow drummers! My name is Kit Mills. If you are struggling with any of these challenges:

  • one hand is weaker than the other
  • feeling uncoordinated
  • a limited rhythmic vocabulary

...then this course is definitely for you! Rhythmic Coordination 1: 16th Note Permutations is a no-frills, comprehensive approach to learning all possible one-beat-long, sixteenth note rhythm combinations between two limbs (I suggest you start with your hands). Think of it as finding the right tools to put in your toolbox so that you're prepared for whatever job you need to do.

In the next video, we'll learn the 15 rhythms that form the basic vocabulary in this course. The following videos form the bulk of the course and explore each of the 15 two-limb combination sets in turn. Each set features one rhythm played continuously in one limb against a sequence of all 15 rhythms in another limb. It's going to seem like a lot of material - and it is: more than 225 combinations! Don't worry, though, because we're breaking it down into manageable chunks, and once you know the individual rhythms, the sequence becomes easy to remember.

As with every other course in the Drum Together school, the main lesson videos are designed for you to begin playing along with me right away, starting at an easy speed and with the rhythms clearly laid out. Every lesson you complete will be a big step down the path to better, more confident drumming, and I guarantee that you'll make major progress in addressing those challenges we mentioned earlier. Let's get started!